Chrome is the new black!

posted 12 Feb 2014, 02:29 by Kimberley Hall   [ updated 6 Jan 2015, 00:25 ]
A browser that just surfs the internet, that’s so 2012. Google Chrome has reshaped the world of internet browsing. Unlock the power of Chrome and its Omnibox! This page will introduce you to a variety of Apps and Extensions from the Chrome Webstore that add straight to your browser and change the way you use the internet. Apps and extensions for efficiencies, personalisation, movie making, photo editing, presenting and just a bit of fun. Plus, check out some of the little known features of Chrome.Guaranteed to result in you never being able to open Internet Explorer again!


  • Supervised Users

  • Device syncing

  • Conversational search

  • Device agnostic

  • Additional search engines

  • Customisation

  • Multiple identities

  • Incognito browsing

  • Offline apps

  • Pin Tabs

  • Anywhere, anytime, anyone

Kimberley Hall,
12 Feb 2014, 02:32