Getting Going with Google Docs

When you're getting going with Google Docs here's my list of things you should check out.

1. Share and collaborate

A great benefit of Google Docs is the ability to collaborate.  You can share a document via the share button in the top right hand corner.

2. Commenting you can insert comments a number of ways.  One way is to click on the comments button on the top right hand side

  • Mention comments mention comments allows you to specify a particular person to direct the comment to by using +and the email address of the person you want to direct the comments to.

3. Research tool

To use the Research tool go to the tools menu and choose research.

Remember to click on the G to be able to specify searches eg scholar, images etc

4. Web clipboard

Web clipboard is under the Edit menu.  Web Clipboard allows you to copy a large amount of data and will keep the formating.

5. Drawing

Drawing can be found from the Insert menu option.

Drawing can be accessed via google drive also.  Once you have made a drawing click save and close and it will insert it into the document.

7. Add-ons

Look for the Add-ons in the menu.

  • Track changes

  • Kaizena  (allows you to make voice comments)

  • Lucidchart

  • Charts

8. Download Doc

File , “download as” - will pull a local copy onto your drive.  You can choose to download it as a number of formats including Microsoft Word.

9. Uploading Documents to Google Drive

*New Drive - click on the red "New" button and select upload file or folder

*Old Drive - Go to the arrow next to the red create button in Google Drive.  If you click on the arrow and click file you can find a document that you might have done previously in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint and you can upload it to Google Drive.

To ensure that your files automatically convert to Google Doc format, choose settings from the cog wheel in the top right hand corner of Drive.

  • Tips and tricks

    • Clear formatting

    • Paint format

    • Import other fonts