Google Apps in the High School classroom

Taking notesSession Description:

Teachers of High School are acutely aware of the challenge that exists simply getting through all the required content!  This often leaves them feeling like there is a disconnect between the exciting ways technologies are used in the younger years to and what they feel is possible in the senior classroom.  In this session, we will explore different ways that Google Apps can be used to
support and enhance the learning and teaching for a senior class.  Apps included will be Google+, Moderator, Forms, Spreadsheets, Drive, Docs plus more.

"Teachers need to stop saying hand it in
and start saying publish it"

Alan November

Google Apps and the Teaching and Learning Cycle

T&L Cycle

Google Drawings


Move your arrow on the drawing to the number you think most accurately captures the impact this sort of ubiquitous technology is having on classrooms today (1 = very little, 10 = immense)
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Submit an idea here about ways to use Google Apps (or other tools) in a High School Classroom

Ideas for using Google Moderator in your classroom:

  • As a back channel (another great and more simplistic back channel tool is TodaysMeet)

  • To assess students’ major questions before a class

  • Before exams, allow students to submit topics that they would like to review. The entire class can add topics and vote. The most popular topics can then be covered in class.

  • For reading assignments, set-up a page for questions about the reading material. Students can anonymously submit questions on parts they did not understand. The entire class can vote to help you understand what to cover in the day's lesson


The art of texting, eating and watching tv with an open textbook nearby.
Google+ Communities can be a great safe collaborative space you can set up for your students.
Remember to consider the privacy settings that are appropriate for the type of content you and your students will be sharing - check this out for more information about the difference between public and private Google+ Communities.

Establish Expectations for your Community:
  • Model the type of participation you want to see
  • Maintain quality around the input in the community
  • Establish yourself as a learner alongside everyone else
  • Exemplify good posts/commenting
  • Be proactive

Hangouts and Hangouts On Air
  • Use Hangouts On Air to record vodcasts
  • Invite experts into the classroom
  • Conduct revision classes outside of hours
  • Break physical barriers and connect classrooms locally, regionally, globally
  • Connect with others and international experts by visiting

Google Forms

Flubaroo Activity

Click here to join in our Flubaroo Fun!

Spreadsheet of results - please make a copy for yourself to try out Flubaroo

  • Formative and Summative Assessment
  • Pre-tests
  • Tuning in questions for each lesson
  • Exit tickets
  • Review key skills and knowledge
  • Create self grading tests using Flubaroo

Resources for Forms and Spreadsheets:

  • Collaboration
  • Commenting
  • Critique
  • Draftback Chrome Extension for revision of workflow
  • Voice comments using Kaizena
  • Suggested Edits for re-drafting or critique
  • Research Tool


Visit the Chrome Webstore to find an array of Apps and Extensions for your classroom.  Here's some of my favourite for my High School classroom:

Examples from Schools

Critique Protocol (thanks to Chris Harte)
Critique Protocol - Chris Harte

Ask 3 before me (thanks to Heather Dowd)